"Making a persuasive case for pursuing Middle East peace on a grassroots level, Fire Within is compelling in its clarity. Filmmaker Richard Berman [works] in the best tradition of documentary cinema." - Variety (Click Here to Read the Article)

"It is highly recommended for public, school and academic libraries, and would be very useful for opening discussions about the sometimes competing demands of religion, nationality, and identity." - Educational Media Reviews Online (Click to Read)

30 Teenagers - ten Israeli Arabs, ten Israeli Jews, and ten American Jews – explore their differences and similarities while traveling through Spain and Israel together. Muslims, Jews, Israelis, Arabs, Americans, Girls, Boys - all leaders in their communities and all passionate about their futures. Journey with them as they confront their fears and prejudices, discover new friends and neighbors, and engage in heated debates. Watch as they delve into issues such as religion, equal rights, racial profiling, history, army, identity, politics, constitution and education.

What transpires is inspiring; they find that what divides them is secondary to what unites them as human beings, and they walk away with mutual respect, tolerance for one another and friendships they never thought possible.

Laugh. Cry. Agree. Disagree. But whatever your emotion... pay attention. The world can learn a lot from the leaders of tomorrow... as they have learned from each other.

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